Soak It Up

SOAK IT UP:  50-Minute Time-Out for Planning

Monday and Tuesday 10:40 - 11:30 p.m.

Everyone needs time to process! Meet by school to soak in the learning you’ve been doing so far. Play with a new digital you found, finish tweaking that project you’re re-designing, or simply organize the resources you’ve collected. The idea is to take time to focus on future action!

Graffiti Walls: During your processing time, please visit the Graffiti Wall posters that are hanging in the hallways. In the space for your school, write the one thing from today that is a key take-away or future focus for you. Each day you’ll add to the poster. Spend some time reading what your colleagues have posted and use this time to seek them out if you want to learn more about what they wrote.

Twitter Challenge: It’s a 5-minute Twitter Challenge! You’ve done it on paper, now do it digitally! Tweet your morning take-away using the common district hashtag #MPowerED. Compose your tweet, then search on the hashtag and spend the remainder of your 5 minutes reading your colleagues Tweets. Like, retweet, and reply to continue the conversation.

Soak It Up Breakout Room Locations
  • MHS/Woods - Media Center
  • MMS - PD Room 100
  • EMIS - 215
  • MIS - 402
  • PVES - 216
  • SES - 214
  • RRES - 401