Tips for Having Critical / Difficult Conversations


Session Description

Do you see an issue with your coworkers or students that you want to address but find yourself putting off? Having critical conversations can be intimidating. This session will provide a framework to assist teachers with having critical conversations in a manner that supports academic achievement while preserving relationships. Recommended for PLC/grade-level leads.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  • Identify co-workers/ students you need to have a conversation with. 
  • Appropriately choose a plan of action and key phrases to use based on a situation
  • Reflect on difficult conversations with peers and students

Activity 1:

This activity will expose participants to strategies for handling disagreement. Participants will explore strategies for handling disagreement through a flipped Playposit lesson and group discussion. 

Activity 2:

This activity will focus on building your Toolbox of Tips for having critical conversations. Participants will explore "Wait/What" questions, how to be more visual within groups like PLCs and ELTs and ways to set appropriate norms, ect. 

Activity 3: 

This concluding activity will place participants into group based scenarios where they can practice some of the strategies they have explored in this session. 

Additional Resources