SOS Strategies: Questioning


Session Description

Working within an answers-based education system, teachers must go out of their way to create conditions conducive to inquiry. In this course, you’ll learn strategies on how to encourage more questioning in the classroom and hopefully, beyond it.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  • Create conditions to facilitate inquiry
  • Engage students with new ways of questioning
  • Encourage more questioning and higher level thinking inside and outside the classroom

Activity 1:

  1. Give participants an article to read - Using the six levels of Bloom’s question stems they will create a question about the article. 
  2. Snowball Fight: Each person will get a piece of paper and write down a stem from one of the six categories.  Stand on the opposite of the room and throw it. The other participants grab a "snowball" and guess which stem was being used. 
  3. Introduce S.O.S Website. Have participates login and look at the actual questioning category. Give note sheet and allow 5 minutes for exploration of the strategies.

Activity 2:

  1. Participants will be grouped through Sponge activity. 
  2. They will then select a strategy from the displayed QR codes to explore (through QR code)
  3. Participants will then review information (PDF and video) on Discovery Site to become familiar with the selected strategy

Activity 3: 

  1. After looking at example Anchor Charts about questioning, participants will create an anchor chart on their strategy to share with the group on the "Padlet" board.

Additional Resources

SOS Strategies: Questioning Resources to Share on Website ‎‎(Drag in files, presentations, images, etc.)‎‎