SOS Strategies B: Instructional Hook & Summarizing


Session Description

In this session you will experience Discovery Education’s SOS Strategies for Instructional Hooks and Summarizing. You will explore multiple Discovery ED SOS strategies that will help students summarize and engage in your classroom content.  Learn strategies for your students to get curious, wake up their brains, get a taste of what they are about to learn, and summarizing their learning!

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Define what an instructional hook is and how it can be used in the classroom.
  2. Identify different types of instructional hooks.
  3. Incorporate instructional hooks into my lessons.

Warm Up:

  • 3 Truths and a Lie (Model)
    • Frequently fall into 3 categories: Sound, Image, & Video
    • Short or Long
    • Engage/Hook Students into Learning
    • Presents ALL content of the unit in the strategy

Activity 1:

Videos:  Choose a strategy to model (Elem) - Filling the Silence

Activity 2:

Images:  Choose a strategy to model (Secondary) - AEIOU

Activity 3: 

Sound: Choose a strategy to model - Surround Sound


Exploration - Tweet, Tweet - A strategy that the attendee can use in the 2017-2018 school year.

Additional Resources