Newsletters: More than for Parents!


Session Description

Learn how to use Smore to spice up your communications. Although we all have seen a Smore used as a newsletter, what other applications can we think up? This session will explore using Smore to build flipped lessons, student-authored newsletters, and digital portfolios as well as using the Classroom feature in the Pro version.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1.  Demonstrate understanding of the importance of dynamic delivery of communication and lessons by comparing PDF/presentation with the same information delivered through Smore.
  2. Create a lesson or communication with Smore.
  3. Use Smore for Student Creation and demonstration of learning
  4. Explore Smores created by other educators through the Educator Hive

Warm Up:

  • Color Card Sort:  Who is using Smore already and how are they using it?
    • Red- New to Smore/never used/need account
    • Pink- Used Smore a little or none/has account
    • Blue- has used smore for newsletter/wants to consider other uses (F or P on card for account type)/wants to get Pro account
    • Purple- frequently used smore/Pro Account/wants to learn Classroom option
  • Evolution of Communication

Activity 1:

  • Explore different ways Smore can be used to deliver information and content
  • Table groups explore and share

Activity 2: 

  • Beginners: create an account and get started

  • Intermediate: Create Folders, Event and RSVP option

  • Intermediate: use the Classroom option, use for student demonstration of understanding or projects

Activity 1:

  • Time to explore Educator Hive

Additional Resources