Identifying Fake News and Websites


Session Description

21st century students need digital literacy in order to look at and evaluate sources based on facts. This session is designed to teach tools and strategies to get students to think critically about sources and help identify sources that may be circumspect.

Learner Outcomes
By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Evaluate websites and other online sources to determine their validity
  2. Help my students recognize fake news and websites

Activity 1:

Make a copy of Evaluating News Articles & Websites to help students think critically when analyzing digital sources of information.

Activity 2:
Using AnswerGarden, please post how you know that a news article or website is fake.

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Activity 3: 

Employ these exercises to teach Digital Literacy to students. 

Check for Understanding: 

Complete the Padlet to share your takeaway from this session. 

Additional Resources