Google Classroom


Session Description

Are you intrigued about Google Classroom but not really sure what all it can do? Come learn how to set up a Google classroom, distribute and collect work, and make the most of our Google accounts for student work. We'll also cover how to differentiate for students using the Individual Assignment feature.

Learner Outcomes
By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Create a Google classroom and enroll all my students
  2. Create different assignments to assess student learning in Google Classroom
  3. Utilize differentiation features of Google Classroom to impact students about specific goals

Activity 1:

Session Discussion 
  • How do we differentiate for students currently using Blackboard Learn?  
  • Is it the most effective tool?  
  • How can we continue to push this to help students who have diverse needs?   
  • What other tools are available for educators to differentiate?
  • How do teachers collaborate?
  • How can teachers be given professional development at home?

Activity 2:

Self-Guided Tour of Google Classroom

Participants will have already enrolled in the Sandbox Google classroom course as students utilizing their student email accounts.  From here, participants will see the variety offered in Google Classroom as far as differentiation and easy implementation with G Suite of apps directly into the LMS.  

Participants will:
  • See how to create assignments
  • Change their class
  • Add to discussion boards
  • Assign specific tasks to specific students
  • Create forms
  • Create Questions
  • Create different types of assignments
  • Reuse Posts
  • Add topics to organize the class

Activity 3: 

Creation of Google Classroom

Now that participants have engaged with the tool.  Presenters will help teachers build and develop their own Google Classrooms to use with students.  Teachers will post their syllabus and other tools to help begin class at the beginning of the year.  Participants will prepare their Classrooms with the facilitation of the presenters.

Additional Resources