Establishing Classroom Routines and Procedures


Session Description

Are you ready to make a change in how your classroom operates? In this session you will explore a variety of ways to establish classroom routines and procedures to make your day run smoother and more efficiently.  

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 

  • Prepare routines and procedures that will make my classroom run more efficiently 
  • Model appropriate behaviors for procedures and routines  
  • Use a variety of tools and or strategies to set up routines and procedures from day 1

Activity 1:

Why are classroom routines and procedures important?

Participants will work in groups and explore a thinglink with videos, articles, and examples of/about classroom routines and procedures. 

Activity 2:

Break into grade level strands (elementary, intermediate, secondary). Presenters will share routines and procedures they use in their classrooms. What has worked and what has not and how they learned along the way. 

Activity 3: 

Snowball fight to form new groups. QR Cubes/Beach Balls: Participants will scan the codes with classroom scenarios and discuss what routines and procedures could be put into place to make those situations better or run more smoothly.

Additional Resources