Effective Notetaking Strategies


Session Description

Note taking is a skill every student will need in the future. How does notetaking look differently in a digital environment? How can we as teachers provide the necessary skills and structures so students can develop effective note taking skills?

Learner Outcomes
By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Learn at least one new note taking tool
  2. Leave with a new note taking strategy to implement in your classroom

Activity 1: Cornell Notes

  • Make a copy of the Cornell Notes template here for the session. 
  • Use it specifically to take notes for the next couple of slides. 

Activity 2: Strategies for Taking Notes & Tool Exploration 

  • With your team, jigsaw the lessons here.  Be ready to share with your team: 
    • (1) How you could implement it in your classroom 
    • (2) How could you possibly use a tech tool 
    • (3) Challenge! Incorporate a Discovery SOS Strategy you could use with it tool! 

Closure: 321 Pyramid 

  • Create a SOS 321 Pyramid and post to the padlet here. 

Additional Resources