Classroom Management and Discipline


Session Description

“Don’t smile until Christmas.” This old adage implies teachers should begin their year as strict, uninviting individuals who maintain tight control over their students.  Is our classroom a kingdom, and we the judges and jailers? Join us in this session to discover how to best demonstrate the standards and expectations of our class while developing a culture of caring.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Develop classroom and behavior management techniques, classroom community building, and individual interventions.
  2. Promote positive redirection of behavior, development of social skills, and of self-discipline.
  3. Utilize strategies to manage appropriate technology use.


Create management strategies (dotstorming) that would limit problem behaviors before they start.

Activity 1:

  • Discussion of strategies created in warm-up
  • Slideshow and discussion on how to build student-teacher relationships.

Activity 2:

  • Partner up with two or three people.
  • Go to the Google Doc and fill in a solution for one of the scenarios.  Be thinking about accountability, expectations and student relationships.
  • Be prepared to discuss your solution.


Enter your post on the padlet explaining one strategy you could implement in your classroom. 

Additional Resources