Chrome Extensions to Make Life Easier


Session Description

The right extensions can turn your Chrome Internet browser into a Swiss-army knife of utility and efficiency. You’ll explore a variety of add-ons for the Chrome browser that will help you organize your digital content with the click of a button, create clutter-free print-outs of web pages, add citations with a click, and more extensions to make your life easier.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Know where to go to find add-ons
  2. Install an add-on in Chrome
  3. Choose add-ons that help us be more efficient

Activity 1: Apps. vs. Add-ons vs. Extensions

What are apps vs. add-ons vs. extensions? We'll show you the difference, and how to install the Extensions on your computer, step-by-step. With your new skills, you can add the extensions we model to your own browser if they're useful!

Activity 2: Our Top 5 Works for Everybody, Must Have Extensions

We'll model the use of extensions for you by showing you our five favorites. These are our go-to tools that anyone can use, regardless of your job role. We'll take a look at Crafty Text, Clean Print, Distraction Free You Tube, Extensity, and Save to Google Drive/Keep. 

Activity 3: Station Rotations

Choose the station you want to explore. Take a look at the extensions profiled and add those you find useful.
  • Teacher Workflow / Productivity
  • Use with Students - Secondary
  • Use with Students - Elementary
  • Special Needs / Accessibility
  • Google Tool Tie-Ins 

Additional Resources