Bringing the Community In


Session Description

The benefit of being part of a small district is that it allows teachers to leverage the relationships that make this district unique. Come to this session to find the next steps in bringing the community into our schools, as well as ways to allow students to collaborate across schools, and with outside experts.
Learner Outcomes
By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:  
  1. I can CONNECT!
  2. I can collaborate with other teachers in my district, outside experts, and community members to improve my instruction and create real-life experiences for my students.


What are the benefits to bringing the community into your classroom or taking your students out into the community?
  • Padlet warm-up

Activity 1:

What does collaboration look like? 
Examples from within the district and outside of the district at both the elementary and secondary level

Activity 2:
Who should I collaborate with? 
  • Participants will be given a list of local organizations and outside websites to explore and brainstorm ideas for about 10 minutes.
  • Google Doc of List:  

Activity 3: 
How can I link this to my curriculum or skills I want my students to develop?
  • Participants will think-pair-share ideas for how they can leverage partnerships with the groups they explored and use that partnership to enhance their curriculum or develop specific skills in their students.

Additional Resources