Breakout EDU


Session Description

Our students love a little competition. Add some critical thinking and puzzle solving, and you've got Breakout EDU! Come learn how to immerse your students into working collaboratively while using problem solving skills to "break out" of your classroom activities.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1.  Facilitate a breakout session in my classroom.
  2. Apply multiple content areas into a breakout session.
  3. Successfully create a breakout session for my students.

Activity 1:

Live Demonstration
Movie Trivia Live Demonstration
Participants will receive a paper clue to try to figure out the tinyurl to each groups google form
Participants will continue on with the live demonstration by using this problem set with their groups google form

Activity 2:

 Participants draw a “number”. The “number” they draw will represent the resource they must explore to share. 
Participants will use a Google Document that corresponds to their “number” to  share and record their findings from the various Breakout EDU resources

Activity 3: 

Participants will look through various examples (elementary through high school) of topics and ways to use these resources in the classroom. Participants will Think, Pair, Share their thoughts after looking at the resources. 

Additional Resources