Mooresville 101 - Summer 2017


Session Description

Teaching in Mooresville is a new experience, whether you are new to teaching or just new to Mooresville. This session will teach you about our unique Mooresville culture, our expectations for instruction and teaching, and how to teach in a blended classroom with technology. We’ll also introduce you to our M-Powerment Strategies Instructional Framework, and our Top 10 Go-to Digital Resources and Tools. 

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
    1. Identify the M-Powerment Strategies and what indicators for each are
    2. Access and decide which digital resources are useful for my teaching role
    3. Describe an ideal blended, technology-rich classroom environment for a Mooresville classroom

        Day 1

        Mooresville has many authentic strategies to ensure all students are on their way to success.  Today we will dive into a deeper understanding of our M-Powerment strategies.  Teachers will also explore opportunities to implement digital resources within each strategy.

        • Warm-Up: Essential Skills of a Teacher with (5 minutes)

        • Intro to M Powerment Strategies (30 min.)

          • Carousel Brainstorm In your group, spend 1-2 minutes at each station representing an M-Powerment strategy. What examples, instructional practices and/or indicators do you predict will fall under each Strategy? Add your thoughts about what that strategy includes, without repeating what's already on the poster.  How many original things can we think of?

        • Intro Top Ten Lists (10 min.)

          • Will go over both the Top Ten Freebies and Paid Resources

          • Share Digital Resource page and directions

        • Think-Pair Share (20 min.)

          • On your own, you will explore deeper into each digital resources, and apply content examples or instructional strategies to particular tools.

        • Techifiying Instructional Best Practices (20 min.)

          • In your small group, you will be assigned an M-Powerment strategy.  You will also review our Top 10 Resources and Free Tools that we want to focus on including in our instruction. First, identify how each of the MGSD Top 10 tools could be used as part of your M-Powerment Strategy. Not all tools will fit every Strategy! Once you've included our core tools, feel free to add in tools you already know that can marry sound instruction and technology.

        • Exit Ticket: PIE activity (5 minutes)

          • 1 Priceless piece of information.

          • 1 Thing you will implement after this session.

          • What encouragement have you received during this session about facilitating/ teaching in a one-one environment?

        Day 2

        • Warm-Up: A Day in the Life of an MGSD Student (10 min)

        • M-Powerment Brochure (20 min)  

          • 10 small groups to make a brochure for one of the M-Powerment Strategies-*make certain requires parts*

        • Introduction to SAMR (20 min)

          • Video

          • SAMR Sort : We use "Across the Line" to indicate that SAMR isn't a hierarchy but rather a continuum you will travel along. Work with your groupmates to decide if these lessons are on the S/A or M/R side of the line. When you finish, discuss these questions with your group while waiting:  How did you determine where to put the activities, particularly in reference to the dotted line?  Is there a "right" or "wrong" answer to these lessons? What makes you say so?  Is it reasonable to expect teachers to spend 90% of their lessons at the M/R level?

        • Personalized Learning Iron Chef (20 min)

          • Successful teachers personalize their classrooms by using technology effectively to differentiate for ability, interests and learning styles.  What opportunities exist to personalize in the diverse classrooms we face daily?

          • Your table will pull 5 student cards (pink), 1 learning objective card (green) and 3 tool or instructional cards (yellow) to determine your "classroom".

          • Digital Cards Link

          • Using the cards, brainstorm how the teacher can personalize the learning in this scenario.

        • Who’s Who in Our District (5 min)

        • Closing Activity:  Q&A Time  (20 min)

          • Post questions on padlet

          • We will discuss and give resources/ direction for questions

        Day 3

        • Swap Meet: What do you remember from yesterday? (10 minutes)

        • Makerspace: Split into Elem/ Middle/ High grade level specific groups and use learned strategies/ resources/ pacing guides to get started with academic plans.  Essential question: Where do I start? (70 minutes)

        • Exit Ticket: 3-2-1 on cardstock (10 min)

          • 3 Things you learned about the past two days

          • 2 Digital Resources to focus on first quarter

          • 1 Long term goal for the school year

        Additional Resources