Deep Dive: Literacy Strategies in non-ELA Classrooms


Session Description

Informational texts can add to the rigor of all subject areas. Learn about sources for incorporating non-fiction articles into your classrooms. You will learn techniques to help your students read and retain information from the text, so they increase their content knowledge and understanding. During this session you will work on designing lessons that include informational texts related to your content area and/or grade level.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
    1. Develop a lesson that incorporates informational text
    2. Incorporate a reading strategy with a text to enhance student comprehension
    3. Provide my students opportunities to discuss and write about what they have read
    4. Utilize technology resources to personalize and differentiate their students’ reading experience. 

          Day 1

          During Day 1, participants will focus on the "why" behind the importance of teaching reading in the Non-ELA classes. We will explore an article on "How Knowledge Powers Reading" and reflect upon how students develop background knowledge to assist with reading comprehension across content and grade levels. The session will conclude with a "Digital Gallery Crawl" of reading strategies and digital tools that participants will delve deeper into using over Days 2 and 3. 

          Day 2

          During Day 2, participants will break into two groups- Elementary and Secondary to explore strategies for incorporating more informational text, vocabulary instruction, and writing practice and learn how to tie these strategies into a lesson choosing to have students read either in print or digitally. 

          Day 3

          Day 3 is a day of application. Participants will have the opportunity to assimilate all of the resources they have gathered throughout Days 1 and 2 and begin to craft lessons for next school year with the guidance of their classmates and facilitators. 

          Additional Resources