Deep Dive: Bringing Creativity and Creation to Life


Session Description

Think you don’t have time for your students to create? Explore ways to incorporate creativity into your curriculum and provide students with the opportunity to develop this critical skill that will be essential in their professional careers. Let’s learn how we can let students create while holding them accountable and still teaching your curriculum.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
    1. Model the creative process for students
    2. Develop a lesson that provides opportunities for students to exercise creativity 
    3. Incorporate options for students to express themselves while addressing the curriculum
    4. Utilize technology to foster creativity

          Day 1

          We will open our deep dive by participating in an exercise that allows us to examine how creativity needs time to develop.  The first day of our lesson will also feature discussions on current creativity research, the ways we utilize creativity in our classrooms, and our best practices and strategies.  Our class will also examine the relationship between technology and creativity.  Our first day will end with our participants selecting the lesson they most want to enhance over the next two days.  

          Day 2

          Our second portion of our deep dive will focus on best practices and lesson examples.  The day will also include a segment on meme creation and how this can be used as a tool in the classroom.  Another feature on the agenda for today is a review and experimentation period of the various technological strategies and programs that can assist us in adding creativity to our lessons.  The day ends with an idea exchange so that our participants can begin to get their own creative juices flowing before our finale.

          Day 3

          The final day of our deep dive focuses on lesson creation and enhancement with an emphasis on creativity in the classroom.  Participants will have significant time to craft a new lesson, improve on an existing lesson, and discuss our new creations with fellow teachers.  We will also consider the role of student accountability in creative based lessons as well as how rubrics are a key component to the lesson creation process. We will share our work at the end of class in order to continue the creative process.

          Additional Resources