Deep Dive: Student Engagement and Motivation


Session Description

Have you ever attended a meeting where you had a hard time staying focused?  Maybe there was a lot of sit and get, and not enough application and engagement.  Our students may have the same problems during a lesson in the classroom.   During this session, we will explore multiple opportunities to turn your classroom into an engaging learning experience.  We will investigate different learning strategies, as well as captivating technology resources to keep your students involved in the learning process.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
    1. Understand the difference between student engagement and participation
    2. Implement engaging instructional strategies and activities in lesson plans 
    3. Incorporate a variety of tech resources that increase student engagement
    4. Increase relationship building strategies 

          Day 1

          Today we will focus on discussion of what exactly student engagement is the classroom looks like, and what it isn't. We'll explore our MGSD M-Powerment resources related to M-10  (Motivation) to see what the research says about student engagement and what digital tools that might help us incorporate more engagement into our classrooms. Finally, we'll do some hands-on activities about what we can expect to see in a truly engaged classroom.

          Day 2

          Today we will investigate resources to increase student engagement in the classroom as well as take a deep dive into some of Discovery Education's SOS strategies.  

          Day 3

          To wrap up our Deep Dive, we'll work on creating a product from our learning. Whether it's creating a tracker to organize resources you want to use this school year, updating a lesson or project to be more engaging, or creating your own resource, we'll share our work to give peer feedback.

          Additional Resources