Deep Dive: Strategies for Differentiating


Session Description

What do bathing suits and classroom instruction have in common?  One size does NOT fit all!  Just like we modify a bikini into a tankini (or speedos and trunks for you fellas) for some of us to feel “beach success”, we have to modify assignments in the classrooms for students to feel success!  In this course, you’ll take an assessment, be placed by your knowledge of personalization/differentiation, and have a personalized assignment to explore!  Let’s get started experiencing success, just like our students!

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
    1. Define differentiation and personalization
    2. Understand three methods of differentiation: Process, Content, and Product
    3. Find and utilize tools to help assess student learning to quickly differentiate
    4. Use a variety of tools and methods to deliver personalized and differentiated instruction

          Day 1

          Today we will focus on discussion of what exactly differentiation and personalization are, and what they aren't. We'll explore our MGSD M-Powerment resources related to M-5 (Differentiation) to see what the research says about differentiation and what digital tools that might help us personalize learning in our classrooms. Finally, we'll do some hands-on activities about what we can expect to see in differentiated classrooms.

          Day 2

          Today we will learn the difference in differentiating by Content, Process, and Product.  We will also explore a variety of aspects that go into planning for a differentiated classroom by exploring a QR code/site.

          Day 3

          To wrap up our Deep Dive, we'll work on creating a product from our learning.  We'll then share our created resource to a Padlet in order to give peer feedback.

          Additional Resources