Deep Dive: Performing & Fine Arts


Session Description

This session will focus on specific content and instructional strategies for Visual & Performing Arts. We will explore how to use Social Media for resources and communication of student success, strategies for utilizing data to prove learning in K-12 arts classes (ASW), and activities to promote arts and core subject learning that align with the National Arts Education Standards.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
    1. Utilize social media for resources and best practice ideas for my own professional development, and to share the success of my students.
    2. Show the importance of data to prove learning in arts education.
    3. Show different ways to assess learning with and without technology
    4. Teach my students to track their individual data and implement a plan to maximize their own success.

          Day 1

          • Social Media in Fine Arts

          • Warm-Up: Play this Kahoot to check knowledge of Social Media Icons (5 minutes)

          • Social Media for The Arts (45 minutes)

            • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

              • Important Questions to Consider

                • What will I gain from spending time on these resources?

                • How do other arts teachers use social media?

                • How can social media be of value to me?

            • Explore this list of Arts Teachers/Artists/Arts Organizations on Social Media

            • Using this Graphic Organizer, list resources to use in your grade level/specific content

          • How to have “The Innovator’s Mindset” in Fine Arts (25 minutes)

            • Summary of Part II of the book - Chapter 7

            • Important Questions to Consider

              • What is best for the learner?

              • Are your students engaged or empowered?

              • Would I want to be a learner in my own classroom?

          • Exit Ticket (10 minutes)

            • Join this class in Seesaw. Click here and sign in as a student -

            • Give and get foldable. Write in a complete sentence one thing you learned today in each box of the grid, mingle with others to get more ideas, then write your big idea take away in the last square. Take a picture of your Exit Ticket with your phone, laptop or tablet. Insert the picture in your Seesaw Account.

            • View the submissions on our blog:


          Day 2

          • Warm Up - “Fine Arts are…”   Fill out Post Its and place on the Canvas
          • How to have “The Innovator’s Mindset” in Fine Arts
            • Read the excerpt from “The Innovator’s Mindset”
            • Fine Arts are... (learning statements)
            • What Ifs? - Fill out this Padlet
          • Activity 1:  Breakout Groups by Subject Area then Whole Group: MGSD Fine Arts Vision Statement
          • Activity 2:  Breakout Groups by Subject Area/Grade Level: Student Voice and Choice in Arts Classrooms (if time)
          • Exit Ticket:
            • Sign in as a student with this class pin: dirbxmi
            • Select your icon and share a 60 second reflection of today’s session.

          Day 3

            • Warm Up: Explore MGSD PD Website Resource Page

            • Activity 1: Breakout Groups by Subject Area/Grade Level: Student Voice and Choice in Arts Classrooms (continue from Day 2 or Discuss for Day 3)

            • Activity 2: What is the next step/dream for how this looks

            • Exit Ticket: In your Seesaw account, post a note with your reflection of the Fine Arts Deep Dive along with a goal you have for this school year.

            Final Product from Fine Arts:

          Additional Resources