Deep Dive: Instructional Strategies

M-6, M-7

Session Description

Move past just delivering content to ensuring student success by incorporating effective instructional strategies. Learn ways to get students ready to learn, check for understanding throughout the lesson, and close a lesson so you can tell what students actually know. We will build a collaborative toolkit of instructional strategies to help you engage learners, maximize their learning, and take advantage of the limited time you have with students.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
    1. Identify go-to instructional strategies to maximize student learning and class time
    2. Blend technology tools with tried and true instructional strategies
    3. Implement checks for understanding throughout an entire lesson
    4. Evaluate instructional strategies to determine which are most useful for my students

          Day 1

          Today we will focus on discussion of how to maximize our instructional time and resources using instructional strategies. We'll explore our MGSD M-Powerment resources related to M-6 and M-7 to see what the research says and what digital tools might help us reach learners more effectively. Finally, we'll do some hands-on activities about various instructional strategies.

          Day 2

          Today we will look at ways to check for understanding during instruction. We'll examine some best practices on structuring lessons using a mini-lesson in which you as the student will experience some of our favorite strategies such as Stop and Jot. We'll look at some key Discovery SOS Strategies and do a Digital Tool Walk to add some new tools for checking for understanding to your Toolbox.

          Day 3

          To wrap up our Deep Dive, we'll work on creating a product from our learning.  First, we'll make a Paint Chip Foldable to help your organize your most important resources and take-aways from the first two days. Then, you'll choose to create your own customized instructional toolkit,  a series of warm-ups, exit tickets, or do a unit makeover.  We'll share our work to give peer feedback.

          Additional Resources