Deep Dive: Data-Driven Instruction


Session Description

Data driven instruction is one of education’s hottest buzzwords. Are you ready to “dive deep” into your classroom data and initiate meaningful conversations with your students and peers. Are you interested in using data to help your students take ownership of their learning and increase motivation? In this session we will look at how we can interpret our data to create more intentional lesson plans for our students through a variety of tools and strategies. 

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
    1. Analyze multiple data points to group students, manage small group/individual instruction, personalize instruction
    2. Use goal setting strategies to encourage student ownership 
    3. Determine the specific data that will increase student success
    4. Brainstorm and apply strategies that will increase student motivation through data tracking
    5. Reflect on current practices to incorporate data into instruction
    6. Learn new ways to group students

              Day 1

              Today we will focus on discussion of what exactly data-driven instruction is, and what it isn't. We'll explore our MGSD M-Powerment resources related to M-4  (Data-Driven Instruction) to see what the research says about using data in the classroom and what digital tools that might help us incorporate data-driven instruction into our classrooms. Finally, we'll do some hands-on activities demonstrating how to use data to differentiate, personalize, an drive instruction. 

              Day 2

              Today we will investigate the "how" and "why" behind using data in the classroom both from a teacher and student lens. We will explore various ways to incorporate data through stations and self-discovery. 

              Day 3

              To wrap up our Deep Dive, we'll work on creating a product from our learning. Whether it's updating a lesson or project to include more data-driven instruction, or creating your own resource, we'll share our work to give peer feedback.

              Additional Resources