Deep Dive: Collaborative Culture of Caring


Session Description

More often than not, the first smile, hug, or conversation our students receive are from their teachers. How do we ensure we create a culture of caring for our students, parents and staff? In this session we will look at practical ways you can create a caring environment by building relationships and having critical conversations with students, parents and peers. 

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
    1. Build positive, caring, and intentional relationships with students, parents and peers
    2. Reflect on my current practices ensure all students feel valued 
    3. Learn new ways communicate with parents and students to ensure their needs are met

    Day 1

    Today we will look at few articles and discuss our assumptions about specific groups of students and learners. We will brainstorm ideas on how to provide a culture of caring for stakeholders such as students, parents, and colleagues. Finally we will watch videos on how our own teachers in MGSD provide a culture of caring. 

    Day 2

    Today we will explore a website with resources we can use to foster relationships with our students, parents and colleagues. Participants will brainstorm which resources they want to use for each stakeholder at their home school. We will also discuss scenarios that we encounter as educators and how we can use the tools and strategies learned from this session and our experiences to show a culture of caring.  

    Day 3

    There will be no new content introduced today. Rathe, we will use the resources we explored yesterday to create something tangible for our stakeholders. We will also get a chance to view what others created on a padlet and gain even more ideas for the school year. 

    Additional Resources