Using the Retention Center in Learn


Session Description

Blackboard Learn has features that allow students, teachers and parents to be alerted when performance doesn't meet certain guidelines. In this session, you will learn how to set up alerts based on performance to ensure students don't fall through the gaps.

Learner Outcomes

  1. Utilize Retention Center information to monitor students and contact them and their parents
  2. View and modify default rules for alerts
  3. Create new rules

Activity 1: Ice Breaker

You will take part in a fun ice breaker activity in order to better know your peers and to share some personal and educational experiences. (It involves candy ­- yay!)

Activity 2: Think-Pair-Share

Share ways you currently ensure that students do not “fall through the cracks.”

Activity 3: Create

Login into Blackboard Learn and practice accessing, using, and modifying the Retention Center via a scavenger hunt of items to find and do.

Activity 4: Reflection

Think about one way this session will better your education practices in the future.

Additional Resources

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