Research Skills for all content areas using Destiny and NCWise Owl


Session Description

Do you know all of the research resources available for students (and you)? Learn how to help students develop their research skills using our media resources. (This is geared to non-English classroom applications!)

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the session, participants will be able to: 
  1. Develop students’ research skills through the use of quality and safe online media resources.
  2. Locate copyright information/ citations for eBooks and articles in NC WiseOwl & Destiny.

Activity 1

We will visit an overview of the Big6. After viewing the link, post on Padlet your name, grade level, subject area, and how the Big6 connects with your curriculum.

Activity 2

Why use reliable sources? We will consider this question by comparing sources of information with familiar sources of shoes.

Activity 3

We will explore various resources available on NC WiseOwl, looking for their special features and instructional strategies that could be used with them. Open the Exploring NC WiseOwl document.

Activity 4

We will explore the various resources on your school’s library catalog. Open the Destiny home page and select your school. Login using your laptop username and password. If not automatically directed to the Universal Search, click on the Catalog tab, then Universal Search on the left hand side of page. Type in a keyword of your choice to view the resources for that search term. Explore the filters on the left side.

Activity 5

Reflect on today’s session: How will you engage students in using these resources in your classroom?

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