Organizing research and creating choiceboards using Symbaloo


Session Description

Symbaloo is more than just a bookmarker! Learn how students can track their research using Symbaloos they create, as well as identify additional research sources. This session will also explore Symbaloo EDU's new Lesson Plans platform as a way to build student choice boards and individualized assignments.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Create your own webmixes and share.
  2. Navigate and choose lesson plans from SymbalooEdu’s Marketplace
  3. Create your own lesson plans from scratch to use with your students in the fall on SymbalooEdu

Activity 1: Poll

First, you will complete a poll to help gauge your experience using

Activity 2: Lesson Plan

You will complete a lesson plan created within SymbalooEdu as an introduction and overview to the tool and its capabilities. 

Activity 3: Create

You will create a lesson from scratch and/or explore the Marketplace for an existing lesson to use with your students this upcoming school year. You will also have the alternative option to play with and create bookmark webmixes or boards for your students to use this fall. 

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