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Session Description

Learn how to use Smore to spice up your communications. Although we all have seen a Smore done as a newsletter, what other applications can we think up? This session will explore using Smore to build flipped lessons, student-authored newsletters, and digital portfolios.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Demonstrate understanding of the importance of dynamic delivery of communication and lessons by comparing a PDF newsletter to a Smore newsletter
  2. See examples of a variety of Smores and brainstorm ideas on how you can use it.
  3. Create a lesson or communication with Smore

Activity 1:

View the lesson provided through SMORE. At your table, read and discuss “The Importance of Communication in Education” by David Andrade. Share a communication blunder and a communication success on the post it notes at your table. Place the stickies in 2 groups. We will make a picture of your comments.

Direct link to Smore Lesson

Activity 2:

What is Smore? You will watch the video “A Cupcake Story”. Then compare 2 types of team newsletters, one is a PDF and one is a Smore. Post your thoughts about the two types of communication on the Padlet.

Direct link to this Padlet

Activity 3: 

Read the article “Using Smore for Student Portfolios and Student-Led Conferences”. Discuss this idea at your table. Is this a new idea for you? Have you tried it before? Explore the examples of Smore used as flipped lessons, review, newsletters and student-created projects. Brainstorm ideas on how you think Smore can be used effectively with your students and/or staff; keep your notes in a tool of your choice- document, Google Keep -, Evernote, etc.

Additional Resources

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