Math Manipulatives and Technology


Session Description

What are your favorite types of math manipulatives and/or digital resources/"tech tools" to use in the classroom?
How often do you use math manipulatives in your classroom? How often do you use a digital resource or "tech tool" in your classroom? Have you seen a lot of growth or development from students who use these manipulatives or tech tools?

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Model mathematical concepts using virtual and hands-on manipulatives
  2. Utilize the GSP5 app in their classroom effectively

Activity 1: Fractions

You will use modeling clay and GSP5 to complete operations with fractions. 

Activity 2: Area and Perimeter

You will use geoboards (concrete and virtual), masking tape, and GSP5 to find area and perimeter. 

Activity 3: Measurement & Data

You will use playing cards and GSP5 to learn how to effectively teach measurement and data standards.

Additional Resources

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