Incorporating Research Skills / Informational Texts with Pebble Go


Session Description

My kids are using PebbleGo to research a topic, but they’re copying down facts word for word! Is there a method for doing research properly? In this session, learn about ways to support your students in guided research and note-taking to synthesize their information. 

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Navigate the resources available in PebbleGo.
  2. Learn about different note taking strategies.
  3. Create a note- taking graphic organizer to use in your classroom.

Activity 1: PebbleGo Resources

  1. Log into PebbleGo 
  2. Explore the resources available

Activity 2: Discover Note Taking Strategies

  1. Explore Note Taking Strategies:
    1. Paraphrasing resources
    2. Read a Little, Think a Little, Write a Little (Cartoon Strips)
    3. Question Based Research- Graphic Organizer or student choice
    4. Subtopic Based Research- File Folder Topics
  2. Complete Note Taking activity using one of these strategies
  3. Share with Group pros and cons of strategy

Activity 3: Create Research Activity for Your Future Students

You will have time to create your own research lessons to use in your classroom.

Additional Resources

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