iCurio for Lesson Planning and Delivery


Session Description

Learn how to find, organize and share resources for lessons in your class. iCurio is much more than a safe search! Identify playlists for your students based on what they need to know and incorporate multimedia and leveled readings into your lessons.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Share resources
  2. Differentiate instruction

Activity 1:

Introduction to i-Curio/Changes

Form a convo line and discuss these 3 questions.

1-What is your favorite feature of the new iCurio?

2-How can you utilize iCurio in your lesson planning and activities?

3-What would you like to see added to iCurio?

Activity 2:

Different ways to utilize i-Curio

After seeing some different ways you can utilize the new iCurio share some of your ideas on the padlet.

iCurio for Lesson Planning and Delivery Resources to Share on Website ‎(Drag in files, presentations, images, etc.)‎

Activity 3: 

Create lessons in i-Curio

Break into groups based on grade level or subject area and make a lesson you can share with students or other teachers at your school or across the district. Be sure to include a description and/or directions.

After you have created a lesson share with a colleague!

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