Getting started with PlayPosit


Session Description

Playposit (formerly Educanon) allows you to embed questions within videos from YouTube or that you upload. Learn how to search the gallery for pre-existing bulbs you can use, or create your own. This session will also cover how to access and download student answer data and integrate assignments into Learn.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Sign in through Clever and explore basics of Playposit.
  2. Create and assign a Playposit lesson.
  3. Connect Playposit lesson to Blackboard Learn.

Activity 1:

Getting Started Video Lesson in PlayPosIt
  1. Sign into Blackboard through MGSD Digital Resources.
  2. Find the class Getting Started with PlayPosit.
  3. Go to Content and find the lesson .
  4. Complete the Video lesson.

Activity 2:

Create Your Own Video Lesson (bulb) in Playposit

  1. Sign in to Playposit through Clever.
  2. Create a class in Playposit that you can use in the Fall.
  3. Search for a video to use in a lesson. Play with adding different question types.
  4. Assign the bulb to a class.
  5. Make class bulbs private through your profile **optional**

Activity 3:

Using the directions for Using PlayPosit in Blackboard, add the lesson you have created to your Sandbox class.

Extension Activity:
Making Your Own Videos to Use in PlayPosit
    Click HERE for directions to record your own video.
    Use a video link from your Google Drive account.

Activity 4:

Please fill out this form for Reflection and Questions.

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