Formative Assessment Tools to Check for Understanding


Session Description

Checking for student understanding is important to gauge how well students are learning and address problems quickly. This session will cover the instructional basis behind checking for understanding, how to use the data, and digital tools such as Quizizz, Kahoot, Socrative, Plickers, and Go Formative.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Participants will learn the instructional basis behind checking for understanding
  2. Participants will understand how to use the data from assessments
  3. Participants will become familiar with a variety of new digital tools

Google Presentation

Activity 1:

Snowball fight to share ideas of tools already in use

Activity 2:

Exploration and demonstration of tools

Activity 3: 

Brainstorming through individualized instruction scenarios

Activity 4: 

Playposit to show using data for Personalized learning

Activity 5: 

3-2-1 on Padlet

Activity 6: 

Exit Ticket on Answergarden

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