DiscoveryEd Techbook (Math) (Grades 6-12)


Session Description

This session will explore the features of the DE Math Techbook. Think you know everything it does? Think again! This session will include features new to the techbook or that are currently underutilized.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Navigate and utilize new features within Discovery Education and Math Techbook with students.
  2. Navigate Assessment Manager which launches August 1.
  3. Use data gathered via My Dashboard to drive instruction.

Activity 1: New Features of Discovery Education

Practice using the upgraded search engine to discover more accurate and relevant results.

Activity 2: New Features to Techbook 

  1. Investigate how to use My Notebook and the Student Notebook within your instruction.
  2. Explore Product Enhancements to checks for understanding and unit assessments.
  3. Preview Assessment Manager which will launch August 1st.

Activity 3:  Model lesson and My Dashboard

  1. Experience a mini lesson with Math Techbook.
  2. Navigate how to teach from My Dashboard
  3. Explore the possibilities of using My Dashboard as formative assessments to drive and differentiate instruction.
  4. Create a mini lesson using Math Techbook.

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