DiscoveryEd Board Builder & Streaming Plus (Lesson Plans)


Session Description

Board Builder is a powerful tool for collecting resources for students. Learn how to use this tool effectively in your classroom to build inquiry lessons, differentiate and engage multiple learning styles

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Navigate Board Builder
  2. Use assets within Board Builder
  3. Create board to use in fall

Activity 1:

Getting Started with Board Builder

1. You will log in through Discovery Streaming Plus through the Digital Resources page.

2. Use the Builder Tools Navigation, and click on Board Builder

3. how to build a board-
    a. adding external links,
    b. searching within DE,
    c. making a template,
    d. add PDF document

4. how to assign a board-
    a.making it a favorite as a student,
    b. making groups to assign certain boards to (differentiate)

5. how to grade/ share boards
    a. also sharing with colleagues across school/ district
    b. making a rubric
    c. leaving comments

Activity 2:

Inquiry Based Investigation

Hand out strip with three listed of the five

1. videos (full/ segments)
2. reading passages- open passage in new window to easy access
3. math explanations/ interactives
4. science simulation
5.glossary term (science words)

Complete the 3-2-1 worksheet

3 Features
2 Instructional Strategies for using the asset
1 way the asset influences student learning

Share on Padlet

Choose one asset- give us a feature and tell us why it’s useful

Activity 3: 


1. Pick a standard
2. Build a board based on that standard
3. Share with each other so everyone leaves with resources
4. Be sure to link the 50 ways document
5. link to crash course- you can get a certificate for CEU

Additional Resources

Recommended Links