Brainstorming and Concept Mapping Tools


Session Description

Visual thinking helps students make connection between content and learning. This session will give you strategies on how to increase visual thinking using tools such as Padlet, Thinglink and Linoit. Take the post-it note board and supercharge it!

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Explain the concept of brainstorming and how visual mapping can be valuable for students
  2. List three to five ways they could use brainstorming, concept mapping, and visual thinking in their instruction
  3. Develop a lesson plan that utilizes Padlet, Thinglink or Cacoo digital tool

Activity 1:

Choose from the articles on brainstorming, concept mapping, and visual thinking in the Thinglink below.  Read, take notes on the paper provided, share with your group, share summary with everyone.

Direct Link to this Thinglink

Activity 2:

Brainstorm ways these strategies could be used in your own curricular areas using Padlet.

Activity 3: 

View the details of Padlet,​ ​Thinglink​​, and Cacoo​ ​in the Cacoo​ ​diagrams​ below.  Using the Recommended Links Spreadsheet, Explore the 3 tools in this lesson - Padlet, Thinglink, Cacoo.  Develop a lesson plan using one of the tools shared in this session.

Additional Resources

Recommended Links