Blackboard Collaborate


Session Description

Students not coming to tutoring after school? Use BB Collaborate instead! Learn how to hold live chats and webinars using this tool and what you need to know to be successful

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand what BB Collaborate is and what instructional uses it can serve
  • Download BB Collaborate from the Kiosk and show students how to install it on their machines
  • Participate in a BB Collaborate session to experience it from the student side
  • Create a BB Collaborate session in your Sandbox course

Introduction to BB Collaborate

First, let's get to know what BB Collaborate is and how we can use it.

Activity 1: Let's Brainstorm

What are ways we can use BB Collaborate with students, parents, staff and the community? We are going to collaboratively brainstorm on Mindmeister. Login with your Google account and access this shared mindmap. Click on the + sign at the top of the page to add a link to the map.

Activity 2: Experience It

We are going to experience a Blackboard Collaborate session and practice some of the basic skills. You'll get the student version and the screenshare will show you the teacher version.
  • Login to Learn
  • Click on your BB Collaborate Course
  • Tools > Blackboard Collaborate
  • Click on the Session name
  • Click on Join Room
  • If Blackboard Collaborate does not open immediately, go to Downloads and open the meeting.collab file. Click okay/run on any warning screens until you join the session

Activity 3: Practice It

It's your turn - create a Collaborate Session in your Sandbox course. Try it out with someone else in our session if you want to practice your newfound skills some more.

Activity 4: Promote It

Task: In a group, pair or individually, make an infomercial of the 5 coolest features and/or uses of BB Collaborate that you can share with your school.

Tool Suggestions: Educreations, Chatterpix, or a tool of your choice from the Cool Tools Library

Share Out: Upload your video to Google Drive, then post the Share Link on our Padlet.

Additional Resources

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