Using iPads to Assess Student Learning (PK-1)


Session Description

How to utilize the iPad to increase engagement while formatively assessing using Kahoot, Socrative, Digital Portfolios, Seesaw, ScreenChomp, Educreations

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Set up Seesaw for your classroom.
  2. Use Seesaw to assess student learning and deliver instruction as well as App smashing. 
  3. Use Kahoot and Quizizz to assess student learning. 

Activity 1: Trial Run

You will experience SeeSaw as students use the program including taking pictures and posting your work, recording yourself reading and a mini-flipped classroom lesson.

Activity 2: Working in SeeSaw

You will set up an account on SeeSaw and learn how to add student names, finding your QR code, inviting parents, create folders, managing student posts and comments, managing group projects vs. individual work, approving and scoring student work from any device.

Activity 3: Other Tools

You will learn about other assessment tools that can be used with your iPad including Socrative and Quizziz. 

Additional Resources

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