Targeted Review Strategies


Session Description

What review strategies are effective and ineffective?
How do you balance review, spiraling, new content?
How can you differentiation and individualize review to maximize achievement?

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Use data validation within google forms to create reviews
  2. Take home multiple ideas for implementing targeted reviews in their classroom
  3. Create a targeted review activity to use with their students

Activity 1: Exploring targeted review tools

The goal of this time is to model ways to target instruction.
  • (5 min) Plickers Questions to explore review games 
  • (5 min) Play a review game with the tool that had the least familiarity.
  • (10 min) Use PlayPosit to share a way to individualize review to maximize learning.
  • (10 min) Play an “Impossible to Fail Quiz” as a way to model using Google Forms as a targeted review.  

Activity 2: Lock Activity

You will participate in a review lock activity with Caty.

Activity 3: Choice Board

Take some time to explore a choice board with different targeted review ideas, along with today’s padlet.

Activity 4: Create

Pick one idea from this session to explore, with the goal of creating a targeted review activity that will be ready to use with your students.

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