Student Collaboration


Session Description

What does effective student collaboration look like? Learn to design lessons to maximize how students are collaborating and with a defined purpose in your lessons and classroom. This session will cover job roles, differentiated grouping approaches (heterogenous v/s homogenous, etc.), tools to enhance students' collaboration, and appropriate audiences (inside and outside of school audiences).

Learner Outcomes
  • Reflect on previous student collaboration practices.
  • Enhance and develop new group strategies.
  • Create group roles to facilitate student participation and learning.
  • Manage student participation while encouraging self-regulation.

Activity 1:

Break into groups of four. Select one of the tools from choices provided (padletbubbl.uspoppletlinoit), and utilize the tool to brainstorm how you currently practice student collaboration. Then brainstorm ways to “refresh” and enhance your current practices. We will airplay your ideas and have a discussion. 

Activity 2:

Go to and create an account. Then brainstorm a lesson that you would like to make collaborative. Work individually or collaboratively to design a product and rubric that utilizes collaboration. You will post your work to a RealTimeBoard.

Activity 3: Share-Out Reflection
Use this Padlet to share ideas for collaboration and RealTimeBoard. How can RealTimeBoard be used and shared beyond the classroom to move our lessons to the highest level of the SAMR model?

Additional Resources

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