Strategies for Emphasizing Vocabulary (7-12)


Session Description

"Due to the nature of our standardized tests, including EOGs and Quarterly exams as well as other CFAs and informal assessments, vocabulary must be emphasized.  What creative strategies do you use to ensure students are understanding content vocabulary?  
Often, making visual/artistic connections with vocabulary helps students to remember meaning.  How can art/drawing be included in note-taking? 
What technology tools can be used to help emphasize vocabulary and increase retention of vocabulary meanings? "

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:

1.  Explore strategies for teaching vocabulary in all content areas

2.  Learn to incorporate a technology tool with a vocabulary strategy to give it an enhanced digital twist

3.  Develop a lesson plan using one or more instructional strategies coupled with a technology tool

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The 10 Do's and Don'ts for Effective Vocabulary Instruction 

"Effective vocabulary instruction across grade levels and content areas is key. Whether you implement  Marzano’s 6-step vocabulary process or integrate digital tools into your instructional toolkit, the “10 Do’s and Don’ts” highlighted in this infographic can help you drill down to the basics and strengthen your instruction. It can also set the stage for discussions to improve vocabulary instruction and word learning across classrooms in your setting."  ~Dr. Kimberly Tyson Literacy Specialist 

Activity 1: Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary

Activity 2: Teaching Vocabulary with a Digital Twist 

Activity 3: Lesson Design 

Now it's time to use what you have learned and create a lesson plan you can use in your own class. Choose one or more of the instructional strategies you learned about and pair it with one or more of the new technology tools to create a lesson for this upcoming school year. Post your lesson plan outline or overview to the dotstorming board below. 

(Optional):  For fun, vote on the other ones you like the most! Take some ideas for lesson plans home with you.

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