Responding to Text in the K-1 Classroom


Session Description

Tie the three Reading 3D comprehension assessments (Retell, Oral, and Written Comprehension) directly to vocabulary and comprehension instruction. Understand how oral language development leads to written response to text at the highest level of understanding. Begin to use a common academic vocabulary in grades K-1. See the NC ELA Standard Course of Study Standards as learning progressions, starting in Kindergarten. Use read alouds and oral language skills to increase text complexity.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Understand Oral language development and how it builds a foundation for written comprehension
  2. Pre-teach academic vocabulary to increase text complexity and comprehension (retell and oral comprehension)
  3. Use writing strategies in guided reading to develop written comprehension component of MClass.

Activity 1: Jeopardy

Our class will break up into teams and play a “Jeopardy Style” game involving knowledge about oral language development using

Activity 2: Academic Vocabulary

View / Play activities that build academic vocabulary.

Activity 3: Brown-Bag It

We'll play a Brown-Bag It activity to gain view-points on written comprehension. We'll discuss strategies used in current classrooms and gain perspective of what is working to build written comprehension among students. 

Recommended Links