Personalized Learning & Choice Boards in the Elementary Classroom


Session Description

Personalized learning, Individualized Learning, Differentiation, OH MY! In this session, participants will learn about the similarities and differences between these terms as well as learn how to meet the specific learning needs, interests, and cultural backgrounds of EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY in your classroom. Teachers will learn about jigsawing, socratic seminars, choice boards, tiered instruction, student surveys, and cooperative.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Define personalized, differentiated, and individualized learning
  2. Apply various instructional strategies (socratic seminars, cooperative learning, choice boards/menus/tic-tac-toe, student surveys, tiered instruction/assignments) to enhance personalized learning in their own classrooms

Activity 1: Fan-N-Pick

In groups, you will study the ISTE article titled “Personalized vs. individualized vs. differentiated learning.” Using the Fan-N-Pick cooperative learning strategy, each group will pick a card. Based on the instrument pictured on the card, your group will come up with a “set” definition for your given term.

Activity 2: Create a Product

You will choose one of the highlighted instructional strategies and form groups. You will review the information shared and create a simple product sharing the basics of your strategy. Products will be shared with the group.

Activity 3: Padlet Reflection

You will review the products created by your peers and choose one strategy to implement in your classroom in the fall. You will share your plan and ideas on the padlet provided.

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