Making Global Connections


Session Description

Twitter..Skype...Blogging...are you trying to find strategies to connect with an ""outside audience?"" In this session, you will have opportunities to explore multiple tools that allow your students to connect with the WORLD! Explore ways you can enhance your classroom and you as a teacher:
* student-authored newsletters (Smore)
• making global connections
• building a PLN
• removing walls from your classroom

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to: 
  1. Identify programs that can enable students to obtain information from others in the world (Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime, or similar tools), as well as brainstorm project ideas involving these
  2. Understand the importance of global connections in the classroom as a way for teachers and students to share and receive information with a worldwide audience, as well as learn how to build a PLN by using Twitter and following blogs as a way to benefit from global experiences.

Activity 1: Share

You will go to the appropriate  Padlets to share some of your previous experiences with global projects/gaining information from global sources.  Then you will have the opportunity to look at other project ideas and think about ways that you could apply them to your classroom.

Examples of projects/ways to make connections/Skype- 

  • Padlet 1: What are some ways that you have gained global information for your classroom?  What could you do in your classroom this year?
  • Padlet 2 and answer the following question: What are some ways that you have had your students share the information that they have learned with an authentic audience?

Activity 2: Explore

You will learn about different programs and sites that will help your students reach a global audience. After hearing about some of the examples, you will have 20 minutes to explore these websites and create something that you can use in your classrooms. Suggestions include: newsletter template, sample Weebly website, building a Deedly account and follow different blogs.
  • Smore: student authored newsletter.  How else can this be used?
  • Weebly: Digital Portfolio (at middle/high school level); Seesaw (at younger grade levels)
  • Feedly - blog collection website, easy way to grade

Activity 3: Building Your PLN

One of the things that can be difficult in creating a global environment is that sometimes teachers lack the connections to make that happen -- A PLN (Personal Learning Network) is one of the ways teachers can build connections with other educators around the world. You will begin building your own PLN by using such programs as Twitter, Feedly, and relevant educational blogs.

Reflection: 3,2,1

Fill out this Google Form to list your take-aways from today’s session:
  • Three new programs/sites that you explored today.
  • Two reasons why making global connections is important for teachers and students
  • One activity that you want to implement in your classroom

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