Instructional Grouping Strategies


Session Description

How do I group my kids? This session will cover the pros and cons of hetero/homogeneous grouping, quick ways to group, strategic grouping, and how to use digital resources to support grouping

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Understand the definition of flexible grouping.
  2. Better utilize data trackers and differentiate instruction.
  3. Manage groups by assigning roles and cooperatively grouping students.

Activity 1: What is Flexible Grouping? Think, Pair, Share (10 minutes)
Explore the "Thinglink" below. What is Flexible grouping, why do we use it, when do we use it, etc.? "Think" about your own responses and record your definition of "Flexible Grouping" on a sticky note.

Use the role cards to find a partner and "Pair" up to discuss your definition.
"Share" out your combined definition on this Padlet.

Activity 2: Grouping by Ability (20 minutes)
  1. Ever had a "Snowball Fight"?  
    • What programs can we use for Quick student Assessments?
    • How do we use these assessments after we give them?
  2. Playposit Video on an example of how we use student assessments.

3.  Take a Quizizz (so you can be grouped)
Group 1
Group 2  

4.  While you are being grouped....check out thisBlendspace of Student Feedback Tool Resources:  
3.  Which Tool Deserves a "second look"?  Post on the AnswerGarden Below

    Activity 3: Exploring Based on Need (50 minutes)

    1. Grab the QR code from your table that matches the color you have been assigned. Follow the directions on that site once you scan the code.
    2. Red GroupGreen GroupBlue Group

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