Increasing Rigor in the Mathematics Classroom


Session Description

How can you take a lesson and increase the rigor? What resources do you use that have worked to help you increase the rigor in your classroom, not necessarily your math classroom? How can you use group collaboration to increase rigor?

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Understand rigor in the mathematics classroom. 
  2. Use multiple ways to increase rigor in the mathematics classroom. 
  3. Have multiple resources the help with planning lessons that increase the rigor in the mathematics classroom.

Activity 1:

You will answer three questions about rigor. Then, you will watch this clip.

Activity 2:

You will choose a common myth about rigor from one of the four corners in the room. You will then go to that corner and discuss the implications of this myth with this small group. Then have each of the four corners briefly share out what they discussed.

Activity 3: 

You will complete a Frayer Model defining the word rigor. You can use your groups to help complete this graphic organizer. Frayer Model

Activity 4:

You will work in partners to complete the envelope activity which has you matching an interpretation with the correct graph. Once complete, change partners and check answers. Change any answers that are needed and then return to your original partner to discuss. If time, use the tables and match them to the correct graph and interpretations.

Interpreting Distance-Time Graphs Lesson

Activity 5:

You will explore the Blendspace created for this workshop to learn more about rigor, discover ways to incorporate rigor in your lesson plans, or search through websites that have rigorous lesson plans created.

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