Incorporating Informational Text in all Content Areas (7-12)


Session Description

Informational texts can add to the rigor of all subject areas. Learn about sources for incorporating non-fiction articles into your classrooms. You will learn techniques to help your students read and retain information from the text so they increase their content knowledge and understanding. During this session you will work on designing a lesson that includes an informational text related to your content area.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Develop a lesson that incorporates informational text
  2. Incorporate a reading strategy with the text to enhance student comprehension
  3. Utilize technology resources to personalize and differentiate their students’ reading experience. 

Activity 1:

(10 Minutes )

Engage- QR Code Dice

With the members of your table roll the QR Code Dice, Scan the code, and answer the questions to begin your conversation about informational text in grades 7-12.

Activity 2:

(30 Minutes) 

Explore:  Stations

With the members of your group, you will rotate through 3 stations where you will explore resources for incorporating informational text, strategies for teaching/ reading informational text, and then some technology resources for enhance/ deliver your lessons. Use your station tracker to assist you with moving through the exploration. 

Station A: Resources for Incorporating Informational Text 

Station B: Reading Strategies to Incorporate Informational Text 

Station C: Tools to Techify the Incorporation of Informational Text 

Activity 3: 

(10 Minutes ) 


As a group, we will share out what you learned and the connections you made during your Exploration to prepare  for our next activity.

Questions to Consider:

1. Of the resources you explored, which ones do you feel you can use in your own class?
2. What strategies for incorporating text did you find most useful and why?
3. What tech resources do you think would blend nicely with a lesson incorporating informational text?

Activity 4: 

(20 Minutes) 

Elaborate:  Lesson Plan Makeover Iron Chef Style

For this activity you will experiment with what we have learned and develop lessons Iron Chef Style. 

Be prepared to share your scenarios out with the group and post your scenarios to the Padlet below. 

Activity 5: 

(Remaining Time) 


Using the lesson plan template, create a rough sketch for a lesson incorporating informational texts for your own class. 

Additional Resources

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