Close Reading Strategies (K-12)


Session Description

What is close reading? Learn stratgies to help your students uncover layers of meaning that lead to deep comprehension to increase achievement. Also, learn how to select text and teach students to ask the right questions to boost comprehension.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the session, participants will:
  1. Examine elements of close reading instruction.
  2. Utilize strategies to improve close reading skills. 
  3. Develop a close reading activity.

Activity 1:

Read a short passage.
  1. Using the print or digital copy, highlight, circle or underline what you think is important information. 
  2. Write or type comments in the margins.
  3. Answer the questions that follow. 
  4. With a partner, post your questions and comments about the text using Dotstorming.
  5. Vote for the top 5 to be discussed at a later time.

Activity 2:

Explore close reading strategies in ThingLink.

From the linked infographics, choose at least one close reading strategy that you will employ with your students. Post that strategy and how you will use it in Padlet.

Activity 3: 

Practice close reading.
  1. Open the shared Googe folder.
  2. Make a copy of the Can a GIF Work Better Than Words? article and rename it.
  3. Read the article and follow the instructions.

Activity 4:

Create a close reading activity.
  1. Open the shared Google folder
  2. Select a non-fiction or literary text that you want your students to closely read and upload or copy the text into a new Google document. 
  3. List directions for the students above the text.
  4. Pose text dependent questions for the students to answer after reading the text.

Additional Resources

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