Article Discussion: M-1 Relationships


Session Description

What does a collaborative culture of caring look like? How do we make connections with the most challenging of our students and use those relationships to increase achievement? Using a series of articles from Ed Leadership as a base, this session will give you some ideas on how to reach different types of learners. The first half of the session will be sharing, discussion, and brainstorming activities related to the articles. In the second half of the session, you will create a product from a choice board to share your knowledge and what you will implement in your classroom.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:
  1. Explain the connection between classroom culture and achievement.
  2. Identify strategies to connect with different types of learners.
  3. Commit to implementing 2 new strategies to reach learners.

Warm-Up: Pre-Read

Prior to the session, you will choose one of 7 articles on how to connect with learners of different types. 
  1. Helping Black and Latino Males Succeed
  2. Correcting our Connecting
  3. Building Bridges with Students Who Have ADHD
  4. Unlocking Boys’ Potential
  5. Classrooms that Put People First
  6. Let Care Shine Through
  7. How Self Control Drives Student Achievement
  8. Five Practices That Provoke Misbehavior
Please use the annotation strategies to "talk to the text" - note anything that leads to a reaction (um? oh!), connections you can make, important details, background knowledge, and so on.

Activity 1: The Classroom Culture Connection (5/5 minutes)

How do you see classroom culture and student achievement as being connected? Click on the Padlet preview below, then write your response.

Activity 2: Brainstorm & Sharing (20/20 minutes)

You will join a small group based on the article you read to further discuss the topic. You will create a collaborative document to record your conversation.

  1. In your small group, each person will share an "ah-ha" (I hadn't really thought about that...) and an "amen" (That is so true...) related to their reading of the article. Add them to the collaborative document.
  2. As a group, analyze the article to identify at least 5 strategies that can be used in a classroom. Add them to the collaborative document.
  3. Designate a spokesperson to share the groups key findings with the whole group.
As you are waiting for the group discussion to begin, take a look at the information being shared by the other groups.

Activity 3: Create (50 minutes)

Using the choice board below, create a product that will demonstrate your key takeaways and plans for implementation. Post the link to your final product in the Google Form below. If you have time at the end of the session, look over what your colleagues have created and give them some praise, encouragement and feedback.