Addressing the Performance Gap


Session Description

Why do some students thrive in school? Why do some student fall behind in school? In our district data, we know that there are "gaps" in performance. African American students, students with disabilities and economically disadvantaged students are consistently performing a lower level of proficiency. How do we, as educators, address these gaps?

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the sessions participants will know / be able to:

  1. Develop strategies to connect with students to increase student engagement and motivation.
  2. Analyze district data to discuss the current state of the achievement gap in Mooresville 
  3. Identify various causes for the achievement gap

Activity 1: Small-Group Discussion-Data Analysis (20 mins)

In small-groups of 3-4, you will look over the data for the district. In your small-group, use the three following questions to guide your discussion. 
  1. What general observations can you make from information on the chart (trends, hot spots, etc)?
  2. What are some possible causes for the significant gaps that exist?
  3. What are some potential solutions that will help us close the gaps?

Activity 2: Article Jig-Saw (30 mins)

As an individual, you will be assigned one article to read. As you are reading, make note about the underlying causes of the achievement gap and the suggestions made about addressing those issues. 

In your small group, discuss your reactions and thoughts regarding the article. Listen to others as they share about their articles.

Activity 3: Strategy Brainstorm (25 mins)

Working in your group, develop strategies that can help address the underlying causes of the achievement gap. These strategies can be strategies that you use in your classroom, strategies that you find from various resources, or strategies that you and your group develop through discussion.

After discussion, post your strategies here. We will share-out as a whole group.

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