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A. Introduction to the MGSD M-Powerment Strategies and Tools

Session Description

More than half our district is new since we began our digital conversion. It's important for us to remember that the goal of our digital conversion is to level the playing field so every child, every day can achieve. In this session, we'll explore how to tie together the resources we have at MGSD (instructional AND digital) into solid pedagogy that helps students learn. By using our resources paired with solid, effective instruction, we will begin to make gains in closing the achievement gap. This session will introduce you to the new M-Powerment Strategies and the MGSD Top 10 Resources and Freebies.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the link between good core instruction and academic achievement
  • Associate digital tools with an instructional strategy / outcome
  • Familiarize yourself with the core MGSD resources and tools

Warm-Up: Essential Skills of a Teacher (5 mins.)

What is the most essential skill a teacher has to have in order to be effective? Take this Menitmeter - all teachers in all rooms are contributing to this conversation!

Activity A: Carousel Brainstorm (20 mins.)

What do you think makes up the M-Powerment Strategies? Around the room are posters with the titles for each of the M-Powerment Strategies. We are going to randomly group using this Google Group GeneratorIn your group, spend 1-2 minutes at each station representing an M-Powerment strategy. What examples, instructional practices and/or indicators do you predict will fall under each Strategy? Add your thoughts about what that strategy includes, without repeating what's already on the poster.  How many original things can we think of?

Activity B: Matchmaker Matrix Survey (5 mins.)

Everyone has different strengths. What are yours? Identify the top 2 areas where you think you excel. We'll use the data to make a matrix of who you can go to for advice. Want to learn more about data-driven instruction? This will tell you who on your staff is a valuable resource for you!

Activity C: Techifying Instructional Best Practices (20 mins.)

In your small group, you will be assigned an M-Powerment strategy.  You will also review our Top 10 Resources and Free Tools that we want to focus on including in our instruction. First, identify how each of the MGSD Top 10 tools could be used as part of your M-Powerment Strategy. Not all tools will fit every Strategy! Once you've included our core tools, feel free to add in tools you already know that can marry sound instruction and technology.

        Activity D: Google-opoly Scavenger Hunt (20 mins.)

        In your groups, you are going to explore a portion of our Google-opoly gameboard. Each of the "properties" represents one of our essential digital subscription tools. As you research your tool, you will use the graphic organizer to fill in the features, instructional strategies that can be used with it, and how it will impact student learning.

        Activity E: Check for Understanding (5 mins.)

        What elements of today's lesson align with our Top tools and M-Powerment Strategies? Record your answers on the Padlet.

        Exit Ticket: PIE (5 mins.)

        DiscoveryEd SOS Strategies

        MGSD Top Tool Resources