M-6 Maximize Instructional Time & Resources

Teachers design engaging lessons with a variety of instructional strategies, a focus on academic achievement, and an effective use of instructional time, resources and personnel.

What does this look like in our schools and classrooms?

  • Work with your PLC to break up instructional tasks and maximize each others' strengths
  • Co-teach with the ITF and Media Support to make sure that all students are engaged and on task
  • Use Sponge activities to soak up all instructional time and make smooth transitions between activities
  • Give clear, specific directions in both written and oral form so students know what to do next
  • Post time guidelines and timers or use student timekeepers to keep lessons on pace
  • Use student job roles to increase efficiency in group work
  • Have backup plans for when lessons don't go as planned, run short, or need to be adjustment
  • Establish classroom procedures and routines for class so students know what to do as soon as they come in
  • Organize and prepare materials/groups/directions in advance so you can teach bell to bell
  • Use MGSD Digital Resources to provide engaging, differentiated lessons with tools appropriate to the task
  • Enforce classroom rules, routines and procedures to minimize disruptions
  • Create and post a daily/weekly/unit plan for students and parents so they know how it all fits together
  • Use Brain Breaks, music, and movement for transitions to help students reset before a new task
  • The 6Ps (Proper prior planning prevents poor performance)
  • Use calendar, agenda, and digital organization tools to help students keep track of responsibilities
  • Eliminate busy work and choose meaningful learning activities
  • Plan activities for early finishers to avoid "I'm done, now what can I get into" syndrome

Exemplar Lessons & Strategies

How Can Technology Support this M-Powerment Strategy?

MGSD Digital Resources
MGSD Subscription Digital Resources
  • Find digital resources that support your content
  • Access tutorials for popular programs and sites using Help Desk link
  • Direct students to login via links to save time in class


Google Drive
Digital file cabinet for Google Apps
  • Share resources with students and teachers so everyone has access and can work together
  • Increase time on task by embedding Google materials within others for easy access
  • Works with PCs, Macs, and mobile devices so parents can access materials easily
Safe, Secure Parent & Student Communication via Text
  • Make flipped lesson tutorials so students can review content at home for additional explanations
  • Make tutorial videos for parents showing how they can help their students complete homework assignments

For Future Reading, Exploration, & Learning

Educational Articles

Check out these additional research-based articles and books related to this M-Powerment Strategy. 

 https://sites.google.com/a/mgsd.k12.nc.us/mgsd-big-refresh/system/app/pages/search?scope=search-site&q=M-1Self-Paced PD

To explore more about this strategy, check out some of the sessions that have been offered at previous Summer Institutes related to this strategy. Each one contains lots of strategies you can implement and resources you can use to improve your practice.

Instructional Coach-Created Resources

Newsletters and contests created by our Instructional Coaches and School Library Media Coordinators have lots of resources and ideas you can implement. Here are a few that relate to this strategy.